Yes, it’s everybody’s favourite subject: Blogging Awards!

The steady trickle of hits that I have been receiving from a password-protected “panelist” page on the 2007 Bloggies site can only mean two things. Firstly, that the judges are working through the “long-lists” (typically between 20 and 30 sites in each category, if memory serves correctly), and voting on which sites should make it through to the shortlists. Secondly, that Troubled Diva has made it onto one of the long-lists, most probably in the World’s Best Poof category.

At the risk of sounding complacent and blasé, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but for one very simple reason: unlike the majority of “gay” weblogs, the readers of Troubled Diva are mostly straight. Thus, when it comes to making nominations in the World’s Best Poof category, they are more likely to think of TD. It’s a cute enough little loophole, but not one to which any great measure of ego-stroking self-importance should be attached.

insignificant2In any case, as anyone inside our cosy little loop would tell you, this year’s Bloggies have been overshadowed by two vastly more important blogging award shebangs: the First Annual Insignificant Awards (who announced their winner yesterday), and the Second Annual Swampy Awards, which came out on Monday.

swampyaward2006Now, since last year’s “Swampy” (for Best British Blog; pictured left) constitutes the only accolade I have won since picking up the school Scripture prize in 1974 (always the chuffing bridesmaid, story of me life), you can imagine my horror at discovering that this year, I have been deposed by some upstart newcomer called Little Red Boat.

Well now. If that Anna Pickard thinks I’m going to graciously hand over my tiara without an unseemly scuffle, she’s got another think coming. Frankly, she’s going to have to prise it out of my jealous little fingers with a sharp instrument.




Sorry. Just trying to maintain some Brand Consistency here.

(But sincere thanks to everyone who nominated. I’m no Ungrateful Diva.)

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