It’s all good.

Karen at Uborka asked:

Looking back, what was so great about 2013?

This was my reply.

2013 was a landmark year. After years of struggle, K escaped from a ghastly work situation, and entered a hard-earned new phase of fulfilment, security and freedom. I haven’t seen him so happy in years. This cushioned the blow of my redundancy, which would have been a disaster even a year earlier, but which in turn set me free.

2014 will be another year of massive change, as we leave Nottingham and Derbyshire, and relocate to a dream home in a beautiful part of the world. I don’t know exactly what lies ahead, but I can’t remember the last time I felt so optimistic at the start of a new year. It’s all good.


We are Conceptual Art. (NMC)

“What did Sewell get us for Christmas, Gilbert?”
“Socks again, George. He’s a stingy c**t.”


Following repeated comparisons over recent years (an improvement on all those tedious Proclaimers comparisons of the late 1980s, it has to be said), the ultimate transfiguration has finally occurred.

Heartfelt thanks to Steve of My Ace Life for the unsolicited digital manipulation. (And for the caption.)

Update: Additional caption by Hg.
“As Alan Bennett and Neil Tennant compared results, both wondered whether all that time spent learning to knit had really been worth it.”

See also: the original image.