Village blog clocks up 10,000 page views in under four weeks.

I’m a bit gobsmacked by the immediate and dramatic success of our little experiment in village community blogging. In less than four weeks, and despite only having picked up two inbound links from other sites, the village blog has already matched, if not outstripped Troubled Diva in terms of readership – and unlike this little Google-trap of a site, virtually all of its page views are real views, from real readers.

To catch a sight of me in full and familiar Oscar Acceptance Speech Gush Mode, and to read more about the success of the blog, point your clickers this-away.

And if you think that this an initiative worth supporting – both in terms of letting other rural communities know what can be achieved, and in terms of helping us leverage funding for our Memorial Hall rebuild, by raising our visibility in the outside world – then please add your ratings and testimonials here, as the site has been nominated in the “Community Activism” category in the 2008 New Statesman New Media Awards.

Blogging has led me in all sorts of directions in the past six and a half years, but this project is, by some distance, the most fulfilling of all them. Because, quite genuinely, it is making an active difference.