So that was Guest Week, then…

…and now it’s just back to little old me, blogging on me tod, with – as from tomorrow, April 1st – increasingly less time at my disposal to do so. But as long as you’re not coming here for Quantity, then I’m sure we can work something out together.

Wasn’t Guest Week great, though? Wasn’t it? Wasn’t it?

For my own part, I particularly enjoyed the novel sensation of regularly checking for updates on my own site. I also liked the way that a lot of the postings naturally followed on from each other in terms of subject matter – be it chocolate, spoons or, erm, self-mutilation. Now, that’s memetic.

But most of all, I must pay tribute to the sheer quality of all five of my guest contributors – and yes, I do mean that most sincerely, folks. Appreciation, gratitude, Massive Respect and Big Big Love goes out to:

  • the fragrant lady Ms. Anna Pickard of – bigged up in this morning’s New Media Guardian, no less, and deservedly so.
  • my brand new buddy D of Acerbia (the blog from over here that’s big over there), creator of last week’s gorgeous title graphic.
  • Faustus M.D., still searching for love o’er yonder pond – good luck with the cabaret show, and make sure you sue the asses off those printers…
  • Mr. Cor, Worra Whopper! D., the non-weblogger who took to the medium like a seasoned natural.
  • velvet-tonsilled noodle vague of The World, Backwards, whom I shall imagine for ever more in a midnight blue sequinned jerkin and Simon Cowell trousers, giving it up for the Bingo Ladies of Humberside.

Coming up later this week:

  • Apotheosis Of Blog (Slight Return) – linky-love (and skilful product placement) writ large in the Big Smoke.
  • Building The Brand with official TD merchandising (coming up in Phase 2 of the campaign: the TD range of tasty and refreshing milk-based drinks)
  • Yet another competition, this time in the form of a tribute to the tedium of the fully extended dance mix.

But now – bed, sweet bed. Because after the weekend just gone, my battered little brain is no longer capable of forming another coherent thought.

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