Collective hysteria timeline.

From Digital Spy:

Day 14, 15:45 4,500 complaints over alleged racism, bullying
Day 14, 17:51 C4 statement on racism, bullying controversy
Day 14, 18:08 MP calls on C4 to take “urgent action”
Day 14, 18:20 Big Brother complaints approach 10,000
Day 14, 18:46 Controversy over Shilpa’s chicken marinade
Day 15, 02:21 Jade ditched by anti-bullying charity
Day 15, 02:38 Jade “wants to headbutt” Shilpa
Day 15, 09:19 Big Brother early day motion tabled
Day 15, 09:26 Carphone Warehouse “reviewing” sponsorship
Day 15, 09:30 Police investigating threats against housemates
Day 15, 09:58 Ian not ruling out a Steps reunion
Day 15, 10:21 Indian government “apprised” of Shilpa situation
Day 15, 10:37 Celebrity Big Brother complaints top 13,000
Day 15, 11:08 Carole: Situation is “bullying on a grand scale”
Day 15, 11:12 Friend: Danielle “led astray” by Jade, Jo
Day 15, 14:04 Bollywood director criticises Big Brother
Day 15, 14:19 Street protest in India over Big Brother
Day 15, 14:27 Gordon Brown comments on controversy

We’ve all gone mad, haven’t we?

Update/Clarification: It’s primarily the infantilisation of the public discourse which bothers me. It seeks to elevate – or rather to reduce – a complex network of relationships to an Ism, and the protagonists to Ists. Racism. Racists. When what I see are three playground bullies and an impossible princess.

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