I love it when journalists quote my boyfriend verbatim.

They cheekily describe their particular style as ‘rural minimalism’, preferring a clutter-free look. “We’re too particular to accumulate,” admits K, “we take forever placing just one ornament!”

Period Living magazine, September 2006.

“I like Gieves and Hawkes, Paul Smith, that British-with-a-twist look. Right now I’m in Tim Little shoes, a pair of beige trousers by Hackett and a light blue striped shirt by Gieves and Hawkes.”

Nottingham Evening Post: Is It The End Of The Tie?

Last night, about an hour into watching the delightfully funny and unpredictable (*) Paris When It Sizzles, starring Audrey “Goddess” Hepburn in a succession of exquisite Hubert de Givenchy tulip skirts:

K: Can you pause it for a moment? Now, shall we stick with the Chablis? I thought that the first bottle went so well with the film.

M: You know, it’s a good job there isn’t a journalist on hand to write this down.

Do you match your fine wines to your classic movies? A ballsy Bourgogne with your Truffaut? A nice drop of Gewürztraminer with your Fassbinder? Blue Nun with your Ken Russell? If so, then do share your recommendations with the group.

(*) And suprisingly filthy for its day, if subtly so. Watch what William Holden does with the cushion while talking about censorship, just after explaining the “slow dissolve”…

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