It wasn’t me.

notme2Now, I know that some of my blogging compatriots are getting a fair deal of media attention these days…

…and I am aware that the quickest short cut to such attention would be via a nice juicy quote-unquote “scandal”, preferably involving bodily fluids…

…and God knows I’m enough of an attention whore to do most things…

…but, well, there are limits.

So, lest you think otherwise: it wasn’t me. Sorry to disappoint you.

(PS. If anyone would like me to expand on this point this further, maybe by means of an article in a national newspaper – broadsheet preferred; suggested title: “REVEALED: MYSTERY BLOGGER AT HEART OF ROAD RAGE ID MIX-UP” – then please contact me at the usual address. If desired, I can also work in a mini-rant on the ramifications of the case for civil liberties (pro- or anti-identity cards, according to editorial prejudice – please specify). Or else you can just camp out in the PDMG and wait for me to sally forth for a bit of light pruning. Tea and biscuits provided. Mind the geraniums.)

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