It’s not often that I open my daily newspaper and shriek with delight…

thegirlbook…but that’s what happened to me this morning, as I unwrapped my Guardian and saw Abby “Girl With A One Track Mind” Lee adorning the front cover of the G2 supplement. Inside, there’s another gorgeous full page colour photo, and an excellent article/interview from Zoe Williams, which makes all the right points, brings up the right issues, and represents Abby to the world in a way that I found instantly recognisable.

(It has also allowed me, at the privacy of my own breakfast table, to sneak the peek at her cleavage which I so rigorously denied myself when we met for cocktails in the spring – a self-denial which did not go unrecognised. (“You’ve been really good! You’ve not looked at my tits once!”) But I have parenthesised long enough, and risk indiscretion.)

As with Petite Anglaise before her, I am delighted to see Abby intelligently and courageously playing the hand that she has been dealt. And I can’t wait to get stuck into her book, on the train down to London on Sunday afternoon (I have an appointment at Wembley with Her Royal Madgeness, of which no doubt more later).

Update: Well well! It would seem that The Girl’s nemesis has decided to dip her toe into the world of blogging! (Someone, somewhere – and lest you think otherwise, NOT me – is Having A Larf.)

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