1. The best song in the world today (though probably not tomorrow) is “I’ve Been Stalking You On Myspace” by John B. Choose between the punked-up main mix with the fabulous Generic Myspacechick voiceover, or the pumped-up ElectroHouse remix. How achingly zeitgeist this all is! I’ve haven’t lost it, you know!

2. Speaking of Myspace, it turns out that a distant cousin of mine (we share a great-grandmother) has his own page, containing four tracks from his current band, Man Or Mouse? So that’s where the creative musical gene went to in our family! Obviously I’m biased – but this is really good stuff, and so I feel a certain pride by proxy.

3. I should have linked to this two weeks ago, but ne’er matter: here’s a nice line-by-line hatchet job on that bloody “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)” effort. Har har, that’s told her!

Update: Check the comments for THE RETURN OF PORNY BOY CURTIS!!! Older readers will know of whom I speak.

4. The best Youtube video in the world today (though probably not tomorrow) is this extraordinary “musical theatre” reworking of Yes’s prog-rock classic “Roundabout”, as performed by the Hastings Riverside Company Showchoir.

5. For the sake of completeness: just over a week ago, I wrote a live review of Guillemots/Joan As Policewoman. It got chopped down a bit by the sub-editors, but what’s left of it can be read here.

6. Thanks to MissMish for this late addition to our Civil Partnership Registration photo album. I can’t help thinking that this could be used to advertise some sort of gay-friendly financial services company. “Together we chose Ivan Massow”, or some such puffery.

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