Sincere thanks to all of you who left messages of condolence regarding M’s untimely and tragic death. I have read all of the comments to K, and he appreciates them very much.

Last night, I was more than ready for some great live music, in order to provide a temporary respite from all the sorrow and sadness. And my God, did the Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo Y Gabriela deliver – high-octane flamenco-esque covers of thrash metal tunes being just what the doctor ordered. (Just don’t use the f-word around them, that’s all; they’re a little prickly about it.)

My review for the Nottingham Evening Post can be read here, and the duo’s forthcoming live dates can be found here. They play Exeter tomorrow, Portsmouth on Friday, London on Sunday, Suffolk on July 15th, the Cambridge Folk Festival on July 30th, and the Big Chill festival on August 6th.

Now, I’m not much given to evangelising about music these days – I’ve found it to be a largely fruitless and even counter-productive strategy over the years – but in this case, I’m going to make an exception. Whatever your taste in music, YOU MUST SEE THEM. AND THAT IS AN ORDER! I HAVE SPOKEN!

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