Singles of the year: #62

62. Prototype – Rex The Dog

Rex The Dog makes perky, bouncy, slightly camp-round-the-edges neo-electro tracks for an impeccably serious, chin-stroking, deeply credible “microhouse” label called Kompakt.

(“Microhouse” = a rather restrained, ascetic form of house music with all the vulgar crowd-pleasing stuff taken out, in favour of retaining the Purity Of The Form or something. Dance music for people who no longer go out dancing, or for people who do still go out, but sit on the edge like elder statesmen, nodding their heads knowledgeably or shaking them in despair. Not without its share of fine moments; but for crass populists like me, it does have its limits.)

Some of his remixes for other people are even better. Yes, that’s a wee hint.

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