Singles of the year: #61

61. Wild Dances – Ruslana

Whip crack-away! Bust out them balalaikas! Hey rikki-dai! Shake it in yer dum dum! And whatever you do, don’t give the trumpet player any more vodka!

The clear favourite right from the off, Wild Dances brought it home for the Ukraine at Eurovision, only for every major Ukrainian city in turn to claim that dear me, no, it couldn’t possibly host the finals in 2005. With devilish cunning, the powers that be then neatly sidestepped the issue by appointing Ruslana herself in charge of arranging the event. You got us into this fix, missy – now you can just jolly well get us out of it.

Anyhow, something must have been thrashed out since then, as Eurovision 2005 is indeed scheduled to go ahead in Kiev in May. As for me, I’m probably going to have visit Kiev on business some time this year. Now, if I can somehow wrangle an expenses-paid business trip to coincide with Eurovision week, then that would be a major coup.

Although, in terms of recent events in the Ukraine, maybe not that major a coup after all.

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