Singles of the year: #63

63. There She Goes, My Beautiful World – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Some people say that Nick Cave has essentially made the same album over and over again for the past 15+ years. In the case of 2003’s dud offering Nocturama, I might have been inclined to start agreeing. But, lo! What a blessed relief it is to hear him finally ditch all that increasingly tedious high-body-count superannuated goth stuff (“…and then they all DIED, DIED, DIED“), discover a wry, self-mocking sense of humour, form some sort of accommodation with his (presumably hard-won) state of middle-aged contentment, hire a big f***-off gospel choir, and make the sort of expansive mainstream-friendly album that, given the right sort of promotion, could yet see him filling stadiums.

(Hmm. Perhaps best not to go overboard on that promotion, then.)

In short: Nick Cave for people who don’t like Nick Cave.

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