Seasonal berries and fruits.

As the weather this morning was just about as perfect as weather gets, K and I broke with convention and left the cottage before noon on a Saturday – you know, like NORMAL PEOPLE do – in order to source a new banner shot for the village blog. The purpose of the mission was to line up the hem-hem “iconic” church spire – which has appeared in every banner image to date – with the bright red hawthorn berries which have sprouted up all over the place.

Mission accomplished, K stepped out again this afternoon in order to capture a pleasing assortment of seasonal berries and fruits. Here’s the rather lovely blog post which I constructed for him.

In a few minutes, we’ll be sitting down to a nice sirloin steak supper, served with oven Aga chips, beefsteak tomatoes and peas. (The Saint-Emilion is already breathing.) After supper, our evening will divide: K has elected to stay in and watch telly, while I’ll be heading out for the official Farewell Party in the old Memorial Hall, before the demolition/rebuild commences at the end of the month. It’s not often that we get a Proper Disco in the village, and I intend to make the most of “DJ Shonky Shaun” on the wheels of steel. Well, it’s a key stage of my training programme, obviously…

All of which brings me back to the inevitable subject of That Damned Plinth. I’ve just created a Facebook Event Page for Thursday’s Tush Wiggle – so if you’re able to attend in person or via the website, then please add your name to the guest list.

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