My readers have spoken.

My plinth soundtrack poll might not have been open for long, but its result is already beyond dispute. Step forward, “Xanadu“! Your place on the plinth is now assured! My thanks to Nigel R (former blogger of this parish) for the suggestion.

This is, I have to say, a most satisfactory result. Not only does “Xanadu” have the requisite Direct Personal Resonance (being a Duckie classic of long standing), but it also slots very well into the overall mood of my sixty-minute mix.

And what mood might that be? Well, it was only on the drive from Nottingham to the cottage this evening – the sixth draft blasting out through the country lanes – that I realised where all of these endless additions and subtractions from the playlist had led me to.

In short – and perhaps this comes more of a surprise to me than it does to you – this mix is really, really GAY.

Honestly, it’s so fucking gay. Wall-to-wall divas, with barely a male vocal or a low-end BPM to be found. Bouncy, sparkly, relentlessly “up”… and a real test of my (and, let’s not forget, YOUR) stamina.

As someone who has moved further away from “gay culture” over the past few years than he could ever have dreamt possible, I shall take this as a timely re-connection. Perhaps even a necessary corrective.

I’ll be making the mix available on Monday evening, giving you plenty of time to download it in readiness for Thursday evening.

That’s it for tonight, then. (But if you’re still feeling short-changed, then I’ve written a short review of last night’s Okkervil River gig, and I’ve also retold an old story, in a new way, about my last-but-one break-up song.)

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