Village pub gets on the telly AGAIN, good grief…

Our village pub has become quite the Local Media Hub this year.

Firstly, when our local TV celebrity opened our new village shop, conveniently situated up the passage from the lounge bar…

Secondly, when freak flash floods devastated the ground floor and the car park

Thirdly, when it won “Best Community Pub 2008” and “Best Midlands Pub” in the national Great British Pub Awards…

And most recently – and if you tune into BBC1’s East Midlands Today at 18:30 this evening (Monday), you’ll be able to see this for yourselves – when a few dozen villagers crammed into the bar on Saturday evening, in order to cheer on the aforementioned local TV celebrity as he danced the jive on Strictly Come Dancing.

I do keep forgetting to mention this at the right time, but for future reference:

Troubled Diva says: VOTE FOR TOM CHAMBERS!

Update: For the Flash-enabled, here’s the village pub footage on the BBC website. Please note that K and I are discreetly hidden by the landlady’s mum (in the pink cardie) and the chap with his arms in the air. As regular readers will be aware, we do like to keep a low media profile.

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