Beyond Limits sculpture exhibition at Chatsworth House.

The tiny cluster of readers who still arrive at this site by typing the address into their browsers (ah, bless!) will already have noticed this, as I have temporarily re-instated my Flickr feed at the top of the page… but for the rest of you (*), might I direct your attention to K’s splendid photo gallery, taken at the third annual Sotheby’s Beyond Limits sculpture exhibition in the gardens of Chatsworth House?

The exhibition runs until Sunday November 2nd, and we can highly recommend it – particularly on a clear, bright afternoon, when the sunlight displays the works to their best advantage.

2912510336_f335b992e3 (1)

The same images can also be viewed on the village blog, where I’ve squashed them all together onto one page. You might find this a more convenient way of viewing them.

(*) Unless you’ve already picked up K’s Flickr stream via RSS, or via the link which I posted on my Facebook profile, or… sheesh, this brave new “multiple points of entry” paradigm doesn’t half get complicated at times…

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