A plug for Booklert.


Long-term TD reader Adrian McEwen has just launched a new web-based service called Booklert, which should be a useful tool for any authors wishing to track their Amazon sales rankings on a regular basis.

The service lets you choose the book (or books) whose rankings you want to follow. (These don’t have to be books that you have written yourself, of course.) It also lets you choose how often you want to receive the updates: weekly, daily or even hourly, at time slots of your choosing.

Updates can be sent to you via e-mail, or via Twitter.

Badges can be generated showing your books’ current rankings, which you can then display on your website. These will also allow click-throughs to the Amazon pages for each book.

The Booklert site is here. Further product info is here, and the sign-up page is here.

As an inveterate Stats Freak, I have to say that this appeals to me greatly. Now, all I need is a Book Deal…

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