Chig’s UK50 Eurovision Vote-a-thon.

uk50f-worldofchigCliff, Lulu, or Belle and the Devotions?
Kathy Kirby, Kenneth McKellar, or Katrina and the Waves?
Rikki, Ryder, or Live Report?
Patricia Bredin, Pearl and Teddy, or Bryan Johnson?

Over at World of Chig, your votes are requested for the splendid UK50 Project, in which all fifty of the United Kingdom’s Eurovision entries are presented for your examination, in a vote-driven knockout competition. Each day, three songs are presented as an MP3 medley, with Youtube clips to match. Your task is to rank each selection in order of preference, and to cast your votes accordingly.

Apologies for not linking this sooner. However, there’s still time to start at the beginning and work your way through.

Who wins? Who goes? You decide!

(NB: Chig’s lovely logo was designed by my blogdaddy David – formerly of Swish Cottage, and now to be found on various Web 2.0 sites such as this one and this one.)

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