A little experiment with Johari windows.

To what extent do other people see us as we see ourselves? Here’s a way of finding out. Bearing in mind some of the topics which I cover in the post below this one, this feels like a particularly appropriate moment…

Whether you “know” me offline or not, please follow this link and select five or six words which you think describe me the best. I’ve already picked my own. Be as complimentary or as critical as you like; the experiment works best if you’re as honest as possible.

You will then be taken to a page which compares my perceptions of my personality with yours, by dividing the words that been chosen into four categories:

“Arena” – known to self, known to others.
“Facade” – known to self, not known to others.
“Blind Spot” – known to others, not known to self.
“Unknown” – words that haven’t been picked by anybody.

(Thanks to Meg for the heads-up.)

Update: For the more critically minded, and for those who felt that the available choices were overly complimentary, I dare you to try the Nohari window. Come on, I can take it! Remember that “Anonymous” feature!

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