Three Twitters & three interviews.

Spotted on the side of a van: Fluid Transfer Solutions. It’s hoses. They mean hoses. Hoses!

My Will Oldham interview for the Nottingham Evening Post has been made available online. Considering it was my first ever interview with anyone other than a job candidate, and considering Oldham’s reputation as a reluctant and uncommunicative interviewee, and considering that the copy deadline made it impossible to flesh the piece out beyond a simple Q&A format, and considering that Sylvie Simmons from The Guardian beat me into print by a few hours with a clearly superior piece… then I thought I did quite well. Considering.

Have just read someone in the comments box of a US gay blog sniffily describing heterosexuality as “gender-discordant sex”. Or is it merely another Fluid Transfer Solution?

(Just savour that word “discordant”. It’s almost as if the commenter was forced into being gay for aesthetic reasons… because man-bits and lady-bits, well, they clash, don’t they?)

And for my next two Star Profiles, both scheduled for Wednesday, I shall be chewing the fat with Shayne Ward (from The X Factor), and Joan Baez (from the 1960s). If you have a question that you’d like me to put to Shayne or Joan, then do me a favour and leave it in the comments. (Saves valuable research time. Hooray for “user generated content”.)

K says that for his next venture, he wants to start a vasectomy business.
He’s callling it Snip and F*ck.

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