Open Mike #6 – Question 9.

Of course, when you pledge to answer any question that your readers might throw at you, there is always a danger that some nutter (in this case, basil) will ask you something like this:

so did jimmy saville ever say jingly jangly er uh er uh er uh er uh?

I despair, I really do.

(Incidentally, there’s only one “l” in “Savile” actually actually I think you’ll find. It’s a common enough error. So don’t go beating yourself up about it, basil.)

To answer your question: I should have thought it fairly unlikely. Although the catchphrase “Er uh er uh er uh er uh” was often heard to pass his lips, I have no recollection of Savile ever using the phrase “jingly jangly” – which was merely an onomatopoeic description, applied by others, of the legendary disc jockey’s ur-bling taste in jewellery.

More interestingly, did you know that Savile has been credited as the first person ever to play records in public using two turntables and a microphone, back in the 1940s? (I gathered this fact from reading one of the best books ever written about popular music: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton.)

(Slightly less interestingly, K and I used to know someone who appeared on Jim’ll Fix It in the mid-1980s. Her particular dream-come-true? To sing backing vocals with Paul Young. As dreams-come-true go, it does rather smack of the cut-price. Maybe that’s why they had her on the show.)

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