Let’s play “Guess How Many Comments (Excluding Spam) Mike Has Received Today!”

It is now 8.45 in the evening.

So go on, hazard a guess.

Bearing in mind that I have made no fewer than SEVEN new posts to this blog today.

Any ideas?

Shall I tell you, then?

Shall I tell you how many BASTARD comments I’ve received since midnight last night, brackets excluding spam brackets?

ONE. That’s how many. Bastard ONE bastard comment.

(Thank you, Alan. You’re a gent.)

Am I doing something WRONG?

Have you all had a meeting behind my back? Are you all trying to teach me a lesson? Have I been sent to… wait for it… BLOGventry?

Blogland can be a bleak and lonely place at times like this.

And I can pout for England, I’ll have you know.

You don’t DESERVE me.

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