I appear to be all out of Words.

No matter. Write Them, And They Will Come.

(I’d cop out and do you a vidcast instead, but I sense a looming backlash in the air.)

Marrakech was lovely. Next to no street hassles (we dressed smartly, which helped), a beautiful Marrakech riad (I promised the nice Dutch owners that I’d bestow the gift of Googlejuice), good shopping (once you leave the souks), stylish restaurants (Dar Moha and Foundouk were our favourites), pleasant weather (fractionally too cool to sunbathe, hence perfect for wandering about)… ack, holiday-blogging, who needs it? But thank you for your recommendations; many of them were acted upon. (Ooh, that Yves St Laurent cactus garden was lov-er-ley.)

I have taken up a new hobby. It is called Reading Books. They might be the next big thing after vidcasts – but they do take rather a long time to read, when you could be skim-reading blogs instead, and it’s difficult to read them at work, so maybe not.

The tired-all-the-time syndrome is improved, but it hasn’t altogether disappeared. However, Positive Steps are being taken, so fret not.

And how are you?

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