Sooner or later in the lifespan of My Solemn Pledge, this was always going to happen.

Yes, it’s the inevitable Contractual Obligation holding post, written at great speed, purely to avoid the ignominious fate of being cast as Clapped Out Has Been in perpetuity.

A bitch of a day, redeemed in just two ways. Firstly, my mood has lifted immensely after popping in for Early Doors at the Red Lion at Hognaston, en route to the cottage. Early Doors (#65) + Marston Pedigree (#6) + first sight of village (#5) = Temporary Abatement Of Self-Invented Angst. A simple equation for a simple soul.

Secondly, I am now the proud owner of an official advance promo copy of the new Scissor Sisters album, Ta-Dah. I’ve just played it for the second time, and fear not, ’tis a good ‘un. I was hoping to blog some rough tasting notes for you this evening, but time constraints mean it ain’t gonna happen just yet. In the meantime, you can listen to it for yourselves – legally, mind – via the band’s Myspace page, available via the link on the right. K says he’s disappointed with it, but I think he’s wrong.

OK, dinner’s on the table. Ooh, dressed crab. I’ll have me some of that!

Catch y’all on the morrow, peeps.

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