All blog-hops end up in the larder.

Here’s the idea. By clicking on the sixth link in my blogroll, then the sixth link in the blogroll that follows, and so on until I get bored, I shall be magically transported to some strange and exotic new lands, way outside the confines of my weekly round.

Well, it beats dreaming up original new content, at any rate. So here goes.

The sixth link in my blogroll is Blogadoon, which I have been reading since the back end of 2001. In fact, looking through the rest of my blogroll, there are only three other sites left from 2001: Hip To You, Overyourhead and World Of Chig. Perhaps not surprisingly, I have met all four bloggers in person, many times. That must be the secret for blogroll longevity.

Anyway, Blogadoon is a fine place to start. Between February and June of this year, Ian and I spent most of our Wednesday late evenings together, down at Get Em Off And Win A Hundred Quid Nite at the White Swan in Limehouse. Ian’s blog remains resolutely hand-coded, and retains the same site design that it has always had. There’s a good deal more photography than there used to be: I like the Brighton & Hove beach huts best of all.

But tarry we mustn’t! There’s an adventure to be had!

So, off we go to Ian’s link #6 – and why, if it isn’t dear old Minor 9th. This is one of the oldest names in the UK blogosphere (it was started in 2000), and yet its author has only just turned 23. Pausing only to admire a nice picture of carrots at Borough Market, I zoom off in search of Simon’s blogroll…

…only to discover that he doesn’t have one. (Separate “links” pages don’t count. Far too much like hard work.) So it’s back to Blogadoon, and down to Ian’s link #7.

And now we’re off into uncharted waters. Bob’s Yer Uncle also trades under the name Blogging Makes Me Drowsy, depending on where you look. The Bob in question is currently travelling round North America – but he must be a Londoner, as lo and behold, he too has recently visited Kit Off For The Lads Nite at the White Swan. And oh! And whoops! Bob also has Troubled Diva on his blogroll! Perhaps we have rubbed shoulders, without my even knowing it. Time to move swiftly on.

Bob’s sixth link takes us across the Atlantic good and proper. Zenchick – Musings From The Lotus Position is currently on hiatus, so my visit will be brief. Her sixth and seventh links have expired, but her eighth link whisks us off to…

The Pieces Of My Life, which greets its readers with a photo of a baby’s bottom. This woman calls her children Doodles and Sweetie. There are several transcribed conversations between Doodles and her Mommy. There is a birthday cake in the shape of a space rocket. And link #6 is to…

Daniella’s Misadventures – Bringing Big Easy Charm to the Tri-State area! Big Easy? Is that New Orleans? But where on earth is the Tri-State area? It’s at times like these that I realise how my overseas readers must struggle with my own regional parochialism. Daniella is also hiating, so let’s zoom off to…

Pepper of the Earth – The Home Office Record & Mostly Daily Gazette. New York based, good photos, nice writing – but very little new content since the middle of May, which seems a shame. I’m beginning to feel like I’m wandering through a blogging Marie Celeste: all the signs of recent activity are still there, and the food on the plates is still warm, but there are no actual human beings in sight.

Speaking of warm food on plates, here comes a familar name: Chocolate & Zucchini, which was long-listed under the Best Food Blog category in this year’s Bloggies.

(I know this because I was one of the judges in this category, despite barely being able to boil an egg. My speciality is pinging the buttons on the microwave, a skill at which I am second to none.)

Chocolate & Zucchini is a class act indeed: professionally laid out, with an air of calm authority, and OH MY GOD SHE ATE AT EL BULLI JEALOUS DOESN’T BEGIN TO COVER IT. (What other restaurant would be mad enough to seal portions of olive oil inside soft casings, to make them look like real olives?)

An Obsession With Food is up next. This sports a lengthy blogroll – and guess what, they’re all food blogs. I feel that I have stepped into a self-contained world within a world, and may never escape.

OK, let’s see how long this takes.

The Amateur Gourmet (Burrito French Toast, Pot Au Feau au Trois Viandes) -> Give Me Some Food (Pappa al Pomadoro, Bresaola Carpaccio with Gribiche Vinaigrette) -> Becks & Posh (Harissa, Almond and Chocolate Tart) -> My Epicurean Debauchery (Stuffed Trout with Edamame-Miso) ->The Girl Who Ate Everything (Fish & Chips, Lamb Curry, Shepherd’s Pie, no blogroll) -> Lovescool – For The Love Of Dessert (tea-flavoured sweets) -> Dessert Comes First -> (Nectarine-Plum Cobbler with Hazelnut Biscuits) -> The Traveler’s Lunchbox (“Seven Steps to Perfect Brioche”) -> OKAY, STOP. THIS ISN’T FUN ANY MORE.

Conclusion: blog-hop for long enough, and you too will end up stuck in the larder.

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