Non, rien de rien…

“So, [insert name of interviewee here]. Do you have any regrets at all?”

“Oh, no, no, no, ha ha! No regrets! If I had my time all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Sorry, but does everyone think like this, or it is just something which people say in interviews because it’s a nice easy cop-out of an answer, which they hope will make them look all wise and resolved and at peace with life?

Regrets? I’ve got hundreds of them. Poor judgments, bad decisions, missed opportunities, time wasted, potential undeveloped, acts of selfishness, acts of weakness, sins of omission… and, the most keenly felt of all, all those occasions where thoughtless words or deeds have caused hurt or offence to others. Sure, some of them have been Learning Experiences, which have Made Me The Person I Am Today – but, given a rewind button, I would erase most of them in an instant.

That’s normal, isn’t it?

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