At home with Mike and K, part 94: How to make the perfect Melon Martini.

Gordon wanted to know K’s recipe for Melon Martini. Always happy to oblige! (Plus it’s a nice easy post for an indolent day off, the odd six-and-a-half mile hike notwithstanding.)

This will serve two people, with a modest top-up.

1 canteloupe, juiced. (Ah, yes. You do need a juicer.)
2 double measures of frozen vanilla vodka. (We use Finlandia.)

(You can always substitute gaia for canteloupe: it’s certainly good for body, but K prefers canteloupe for colour, and for the heady fragrance which it gives off.)

Place at least four or five ice cubes into a cocktail shaker.
Add the juice and the vodka.
Shake vigourously, in order to get a good foam on top.
Pour into two cocktail glasses. (Go on, all the way up to the rim.)

(Not that I’ll be enjoying one again in the immediate future, as I’ve just gone on the wagon for a short while. Mens sana in corpore sano, and all that.)

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