Good morning Nottingham! (Slight return)

If you tune into BBC Radio Nottingham tomorrow (Thursday) morning at around 9:10, then you’ll get to hear me taking part in a feature about people who keep diaries.  Blogs being a form of online diary, and all that.  (I won’t physically be in Nottingham, of course – they’re beaming me in from a studio in Westminster, so I shall be conversing with disembodied voices.)

95.5 and 103.8 FM, or you can listen live on the web.  Now, should I go easy on the beer and fags tonight (see next post below), or will a certain raddled croakiness add to my allure?   And will I get the chance to slip in the phrase “online disinhibition effect“?  Only one way to find out!

We’ve been here before, of course. “Good morning Bulwell! How’s it hanging, Arnold? Coming atcha, Top Valley!

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