The Sanctuary for Abandoned Links.

Today, I was going to post a list of Troubled Diva’s Most Clicked Links of 2005 – or more exactly from March 7th onwards, which is when I installed MyBlogLog. However, it’s such a boringly predictable list that I’m not going to bother after all.

(OK, just one: the most popular link was Big Blogger 2005, which notched up 619 clicks.)

Instead, I have selected 16 links which have only been clicked once – generally because they were posted prior to March 2005 – in order to give them a second chance.

These have all been hand-picked for your re-enjoyment, and should therefore be clicked upon by absolutely everybody.

The list is arranged in no particular order of preference.

1. Conservative Pop Music? The Top 40 of the Top 40.
The text of a bizarre speech, which selects – in all seriousness – forty “conservative classics from the rock era”, with full explanations for each choice. Who says the Devil has all the best tunes? Or something.

2. The Search For Love In Manhattan: In the lesbians’ bathroom. (Thursday February 06, 2003)
In which Faustus M.D. recounts his experience as a sperm donor, via the medium of popular song. (I know a similar story about this, involving one of K’s ex-girlfriends and one of his ex-flatmates, but it’s sadly not mine to tell. Ask me about it the next time I see you.)

3. Welshcake: Dear, dear Johnny…
In which former thesp Duncan recounts a couple of choice anecdotes about the late Sir John Gielgud.

4. Mixmeister Express 6: free trial download.
Ever wondered what software I use to make those podcasts and megamixes? Here it is. Full purchase highly recommended.

5. Heinrich Hoffmann’s Struwwelpeter.
A web-enabled version of the classic compendium of lurid cautionary tales for children, complete with original illustrations. (As a little lad, I used to read these over and over again, absorbing their stern moral messages as I went along.) If pushed for time, then The Story of Little Suck-a-Thumb gives as good a flavour as any.

6. Gayle – Gay South African Slang.
Sure, you’re fluent in Polari – but what about its even camper South African equivalent, where every word is rendered as a girl’s name? Read and digest, and then you too will be able to tell your Cora Doras from your Olga Pandoras.

7. Hydragenic: Nottingham Gallery, October 2002.
Gorgeous images of my home city, as taken by former resident Stuart Hg. Start here and follow the links…

8. Jenny Holzer: Believe?
A collection of slogans from the American conceptual artist, some of which were issued as stickers by The Face magazine in the 1980s. (I used to have “Abuse Of Power Comes As No Surprise” on my 12-inch singles DJ box.)

9. Civil partnership: legal recognition for same-sex couples.
Contains everything you need to know from the official point of view. For more information, I recommend the current (December 2005) issue of Gay Times, which is most thorough on the subject. (For instance, did you know that a civil partnership registration will render your existing will null and void?)

10. Alan Duncan MP: The Legalisation of Drugs.
Arguments in favour of legalisation, from the Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. My only criticism is that he misses a couple of extra points.

11. LeftLion: Nottingham Culture Online.
Online version of the groovy local freesheet, aimed at the hip young gun-slingers of the East Midlands.

12. Psychology of Cyberspace: The Online Disinhibition Effect.
A classic text, full of wisdom for would-be “confessional” bloggers, which seeks to explain just why we are so tempted to let it all hang out in front of a potential audience of millions.

13. Sierra Leone Web: Krio Proverbs And Stories.
Krio is Sierra Leone’s equivalent of Creole/Patois/Pidgin, with some marvellously expressive proverbs all of its own, and here are some examples (sadly in PDF format).

14. London Review Of Books: Classified Personals.
The legendarily witty and inventive Personal Ads column is still going strong. Makes a refreshing change from GWM WLTM similar w.GSOH ALAWP no timewasters fatties femmes or freaks.

15. The World, Backwards: The Trap Snaps and That’s That.
The eyes always averted, a brief glance and then set dead ahead. A torment I’m so inured to that the pain is all but theoretical. I know I’ve nothing to offer, beergut and sweaty forehead and eyes the wrong side of wild.” Confessional blogging at its finest, from TV’s Mr. Noodle Vague.

16. They’re Made Out Of Meat, by Terry Bisson.
So old it’s got whiskers on, but no less wonderful for all that. Sooner or later, everyone on the Internet stumbles across this one. Now it’s your turn.

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