Post of the Week: week 6 results.

With seventeen posts up for consideration (nine of them nominated by myself, in a sudden rash of enthusiasm), we had something of a bumper crop last week. My thanks to asta and Gordon for wading through them; we all agreed that this was a particularly tough selection to rank.

So, what themes cropped up this time? Inevitably, Christmas made its first appearance: trees were chosen, compilation CDs were marketed, and an unexpected wish list was made for Santa.

Celebs had a rough time of it: we bitched about a duck-faced actress and a podgy crooner on the verge of a comeback, and got an insider’s lowdown on the perils of shagging movie stars.

There was a strong showing from the Comedy Lobby, with tales of arsey hair salons, sexually incontinent students, and a comedy club audience with Other Things on its mind – not to mention a full dramatic reconstruction of a well known nursery rhyme.

We fell in love – or did we? We conquered stress – but in a way that you won’t find in any self-help manuals. We bade farewell to a much-loved London institution. We established ground rules for reading in public. And we saw red, gold and green in the queue at the Post Office.

As for the winner, it was neck-and-neck between the two posts which picked up votes from all three judges. In second position: Etcher’s fine, almost dream-like depiction of a day spent wandering the streets of a big city, which reminded me of similar days spent in West Berlin, many years ago.

However, just one point ahead, we have one of two nominees from the superb selection of “Review 2005” guest posts at feeling listless, which are running all the way through December. (Introduction and full list of contributors thus far is here.) So let’s hear it for this week’s winner…

feeling listless: Causality and the Invisible Girl.

And that’s your lot for now: Post of the Week is taking a break for a few weeks, as I’ll be flying to China next weekend and will have limited web access thereafter.

The next round of nominations will commence on Monday January 9th. So if you spot any exceptional posts between now and then, please hang onto them – as posts from the entire intervening period will be deemed eligible.

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