Your writing sucks – Creative and Digital Writing.

I haven’t told you about this before, have I? (*)

Gulp. Wibble. Fancy paying good money to hear me witter on about Troubled Diva! No, it will all be fine. Besides, it looks like I’m on first, so there will be plenty of time to forget all about me.

I’m thinking of including an “interactive” element to my presentation, which would involve me setting you lot some relevant questions/discussion points, and then opening up the comments box in front of the live audience. Apparently, they have the technology. On the other hand, there’s only so much that you can cram into twenty minutes or so.

I’m usually fairly good at ducking out of public speaking. However, on the rare occasions when I submit to the ordeal, it invariably turns out to be rewarding and fun. Rewarding and fun… rewarding and fun… must hang onto this as a mantra for the next fortnight…

(*) I know, I know, “award-winning”. Bless them for that!

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