Some awfully good blog posts what I have been enjoying recently.

Because it’s always good to spread the love. Call me Old School Slash Ancien Régime, but I used to like it when bloggers were more in the habit of linking to their favourite posts.

(Not you, Ben. You do it all the time, and it’s much appreciated.)

Tokyo Girl: Park people: Everyone’s a friend at midnight. Nicely turned piece of social observation, which steers you off in unexpected directions.

Boob Pencil: Activity Changes Consciousness. Clare’s back, and dispensing motivational wisdom. (I also liked her piece on challenging writer’s block, which links in nicely.)

Girl With A One-Track Mind: Numbers. A spot-on deconstruction of the “how many people have you slept with” conversation. (Word to the faint-hearted: it’s one of her less explicit pieces, so don’t go worrying about stumbling across lots of big scary wobbly dangly bits.)

Guyana-Gyal: Trick or Treat? Naughty Ramadan scam exposed! (“Ramadan scam”… there’s a song in there somewhere.)

Finally, a couple of 60-second snacks for the severely ADD:

A Beautiful Revolution: Horoscopes. This only works if you pick the same number that I did. I’m thinking of it now. Come on, concentrate.

Conditional Reality: Control Valve. From a curious blog by an American poet, which contains exactly 100 words per day. (Sheesh, remember when I tried to do that? Actually, I’d rather you didn’t.) This isn’t necessarily the best post on the site, but I have linked to it purely for the amusement of a long-standing reader, Sarah in Paris. Hello, Sarah in Paris! This one’s for you!

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