Stylus UK Singles Jukebox: The Worst Pizza Express Blind…

In this week’s Stylus UK Singles Jukebox, I have deigned to furnish the world with my opinions on just three songs: from JoJo (R&B freeware plug-in?), Saint Etienne (never has “form” been returned to so gloriously) and LCD Soundsystem (spare room in six months’ time).

Of the remainder, I can recommend the new singles from John Legend (schmaltzy piano ballad, but I can be quite a sentimental old sausage), M83 (shoegazing electronica, heavy on the effects pedals, and ergo a good thing) and Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band (Saint Etienne goes jazzy/funky beach house). I also think that the Stylus panel have been unnecessarily harsh on The Ordinary Boys, and their really rather likeable Madness pastiche.

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