The Troubled Diva Readership Survey.


For obvious reasons, this is an anonymous survey. Therefore, while answering these questions, I recommend that you REMOVE your name, e-mail address and URL from the comments boxes. And please don’t worry: your anonymity will not be compromised in any way.

I’ll publish the results of the survey in due course.

Update (1): If the slowness of my comments system is driving you to distraction, and if you’re not fussed about revealing your identity to me, then you’re welcome to answer the questions by e-mail instead. (I’m mikejla at btinternet dot com.)

Update (2): Alternatively, you may prefer to use this text file, which contains all the questions in one place. You can then either e-mail me the answers to the address above, or leave all the answers in the comments box below.

1. Please supply the following five pieces of information about yourself:

* a) your gender
* b) your age
* c) your sexual orientation
* d) your relationship status
* e) your country of current residence.

2. UK readers only: please state your county of current residence (or major city, if applicable). US readers only: please state your state of current residence.

3. Are you in full-time or part-time employment, or self-employed, or a student, or a quote-unquote “home maker”, or retired, or unemployed? (Or something else which I’ve forgotten about?)

4. Are you reading this from your place of work/study, or from your home, or from a public internet access point?

5. Are you a university graduate? If not, at what stage did you complete your education?

6. Have we ever spoken with each other via private e-mail?

7. Have we ever met each other in real life?

8. Have you ever won a prize on this site?

9. Do you have your own active weblog? (“Active” = at least one entry since January 1st 2005.)

10. Active bloggers only: Have I ever linked to your weblog?

11. Active bloggers only: Have I ever left a comment on your weblog?

12. When did you first start reading Troubled Diva?

13. How did you first find Troubled Diva?

14a. How frequently do you read Troubled Diva?

14b. Long-term readers only: Compared with this time a year ago, do you read the site more frequently, less frequently, or is it about the same?

15. Do you track updates to Troubled Diva using Bloglines, or the Updated UK Weblogs list, or any other RSS reader – or do you just come here on the off-chance that I will have updated?

16. Which of the following statements most closely describes your Troubled Diva reading habits?

* a) I read every word of every post, more or less without fail.
* b) I read most posts, but skip or skim-read the ones which are less interesting to me.
* c) I read less than half of the posts, only picking out the ones that look interesting.

17. Which of the following statements most closely describes your blog-reading habits?

* a) I don’t read any weblogs on a regular basis.
* b) Troubled Diva is the only weblog which I read on a regular basis.
* c) I read less than 10 weblogs on a regular basis.
* d) I read between 10 and 25 weblogs on a regular basis.
* e) I read more than 25 weblogs on a regular basis.

18. During the course of 2005, I have written proportionately more about music than in previous years. Speaking purely in terms of your own enjoyment of the site, do you find this a positive or a negative development, or do you not particularly mind either way?

19. Have you ever bought any Troubled Diva merchandise?

20. Have you ever bought a CD as a result of a recommendation on this site? (If so, and if you can remember, then please specify.)

21. Have you ever discovered a blog through this site, which you have then gone on to read regularly? (If so, and if you can remember, then please specify.)

22. Do you have any favourite posts or “moments” on this site? If so, then please name them, up to a maximum of five.

23. Have you ever used the links on my sidebar to read old posts on this site?

24. Excluding the comments boxes: Has Troubled Diva ever made you laugh out loud? Has it ever made you cry? Has it ever made you angry?

25. Do you have any other comments?

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