Stylus UK singles jukebox: Mmm. Music.

In this week’s column, you’ll find my thoughts on new releases by System Of A Down (nu-metal but GOOD, honest), Cliff Richard (not what you might expect), Juliette Lewis & The Licks (every bit as bad as you might expect), Gorillaz (no, I don’t get them either), Kelly “there has always been an Electroclash element to my music” Osbourne, Doves (soaring epic glacial shards of sound etc etc), The Futureheads (the two chord killer riff is BACK), Lemon Jelly (“Mummy I’ve cut my finger MAKE IT BETTER”), The Game ft 50 Cent (wasting a perfectly good classic soul sample), Hall & Oates (cover version cabaret but I DON’T CARE), and Praise Cats ft Andrea Love (Oh God it’s THIS one, pass the poppers, hands in the air etc etc).

These reviews, plus a few more (mostly from last week’s column), have been added to my review archive, where you’ll find them highlighted in bold at the top of the page.

Coming soon-ish on the music journalism front, if all goes according to plan: my first bashful excursion into the world of Proper Legit Print Media. But let’s not jinx it by talking about it just yet. (No surprises for guessing the subject matter, though. Clue: think seasonal. And international.)

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