Disconnected randomness.

1. From a position of almost zero knowledge on Monday morning, I now know absolutely everything there is to know about this year’s Eurovision song contest. Go on, test me.

2. The trouble with “topical” blogging is that the content starts dating from the moment you press the Publish button. Those two General Election posts below, for instance. So “relevant” for, ooh, about two or three hours… so “yeah, we know already” for ever after. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I don’t do more of it.

3. The University Of Warwick campus looks really attractive at night. Well lit, with good strong architectural shapes, intelligently laid out, and with just enough people traversing the main walkways to give it the appearance of an artist’s impression come to life. All this and a progressive blogging policy, and a good arts centre… it was enough to make K and me fantasise about rejoining academia.

4. Pity about the boring Lhasa concert at the aforementioned Arts Centre, though. Far too neat and pretty and polite for my liking – and it’s not even as if I have a particular aversion to “polite” music in the first place. I didn’t feel that she was a natural performer; she looked slightly awkward and self-conscious, singing as much to herself as she was to us, and never really reaching out and making a connection. Nevertheless, she was rapturously received, so maybe it was just us.

5. What with these Stylus reviews and, um, that other thing (of which more in good time), I’m finding that I’m really enjoying writing about actual stuff, in a more focussed, disciplined way, rather than endlessly wittering on about myself in a pseudo-conversationally “bloggy” fashion. I think Tom Coates wrote about this once, a couple of years ago. I couldn’t relate to it at all at the time, but now I find I can. Interesting.

6. Nevertheless, I’m going to revert to a more or less daily service again, having enjoyed my semi-break. Well, it’s that time of the year after all, isn’t it?

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