Stylus UK Singles Jukebox: Have We Learnt Nothing From Rednex?

My first stab at doing proper singles reviews for somewhere outside of this blog can now be viewed at Stylus, as part of its new UK Singles Jukebox feature. It’s a collective effort, whereby a whole bunch of us each score this week’s new releases out of 10, offering up pithy capsule reviewlets in the process. Think of it as a Juke Box Jury for the 21st century, or something. Anyway, at least it gives me the chance to witter on about the minutiae of pop to a less, shall we say, captive audience (he says, tossing his head insolently, flouncing out of the door, and eagerly skipping towards the sunlit uplands of Proper Grown Up Serious Music Journalism).

(If you want to read the reviews of mine which didn’t make the final cut, then I’ve stuck them in the comments, for the sake of completeness. Think of them as the DVD extras.)

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