A wholly unrepresentative and unrepentantly biased mini-guide to some selected Nottingham blogs of note.

Unrepentantly biased, in that I have restricted my list to a) blogs which I already know, b) blogs which have linked to this site, or c) bloggers who have left comments on this site. As the artist Jenny Holzer once said: abuse of power comes as no surprise. But since there’s a certain amount of local interest in Troubled Diva right now, it seemed like a particularly good time to big up my homies and spread the love.

  • 1000 Shades Of Grey
    “Whilst temping a few years ago, it occurred to me that going to the loo at my employers expense was a cunning plan, and my body has now broadly conditioned itself to summon me to the throne between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays.”
  • Browniehut
    “Have you ever actually tried to remove the flesh from inside a warm aubergine? Sheesh!”
  • Bytheseashore
    “You will actually come far closer to God in Rome by attempting to cross the road than you will by entering a basillica. And significantly closer to a bus.”
  • Danger! High Postage
    “They laboriously plod their way through their set to supreme indifference from the crowd apart from one overly-enthusiastic middle aged man. He’s probably one of their dads.”
  • David Belbin
    “If the music’s good enough, and some of the right people are involved, should we care if the band playing aren’t quite the real thing? Well, yes. […] Some things are of the moment. You attempt to repeat them at your peril. Go to some of these gigs and, between numbers, you can hear money, talking loudly. It makes me want to heckle.”
  • Drama Queen, Fag-Hag, JAP
    Stolen goods! I await the knock upon the door and a brace of burly policemen with handcuffs. Now, what does one wear for a night in the cells?”
  • Exultations And Difficulties
    “I have a fondness for landscapes, particularly if within the landscape one can see sheep. I like sheep and their wool, perhaps because my mum is a very keen knitter, and I grew up in a post-war British working class family where if it couldn’t be knitted you couldn’t have it.”
  • Here’s what’s wrong with you
    “But it would also be nice if occasionally Nottingham would make national news for something other than guns and binge drinking.”
  • MovieBuff
    “Although I feel honour-bound to treat every film I review on these pages objectively, there’s not much that can be said for ‘Hide and Seek’. The script was probably produced by a computer into whose CPU the phrases ‘creepy kid’, ‘old dark house’, ‘secret from the past’, ‘strange guy next door’ and ‘obligatory twist ending had been programmed. The fact that de Niro’s performance is one of his best for some while just adds to the sense of frustration. And even then, he’s out-acted by a 10-year old girl.”
  • Silent Words Speak Loudest (*)
    “A thought pops into my head: the thought of a piece of metal, implanted without my knowledge, bursting ‘Alien’-style out of my torso during the experiment, and me suffering a horrible death surrounded by my own now-external internal organs. This is not a comforting thought.”
  • Swiss Toni’s Place
    “Ah, the mullet. The haircut that dared not speak its name for most of the last 20 years, and suddenly they are EVERYWHERE. What happened? When did it become acceptable? Why are men suddenly going into a hairdresser and asking for the haircut that time forgot?”
  • Your Mind And We
    “Arthur whips up the crowd brilliantly – at one stage in “You set the scene” I pan the camera onto the audience, as it looks like every single person has their hands in the air and is singing along “I wanna love you but oh wo wo wo wo wo wo” (it sounds better than it comes out in print, believe me). Mind you, we North Easterners always were a fairly emotional bunch.”

(*) No longer resident in Nottingham, but there’s plenty of “local” stuff in the archives, and besides, I couldn’t possibly leave Ben out…

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