Singles of the year: #17

17. Needy Girl – Chromeo

1999: At The River – Groove Armada
1994: 100% Pure Love – Crystal Waters
1989: Express Yourself – Madonna
1984: Hip Hop Bommi Bop – The Incredible T.H. Scratchers starring Freddie Love

Pure retro, this. A flawless pastiche of exactly the sort of smooth 1980s US soul/funk which rocked my world back in the day, no doubt made by people who were barely out of nappies at the time.

If you’re the sort of person who reads Dazed And Confused magazine and hangs out in London’s trendy Shoreditch (it is still Shoreditch these days, I take it?), then you’ll probably be able to detect, ooh, a good five or six additional layers of artful post-modern so-far-In-that-it’s-Out-which-makes-it-back-In-again irony. (Because in certain circles, irony is always, always In.)

However, as someone whose bleeding-hedge-zeitgeist days are receding faster than his hairline (look, it’s a HIGH SIDE PARTING, okay?), I have finally attained that blissful state of grace which puts me above and beyond such transitory considerations. Meaning that I can simply enjoy this as nothing more or less than a quaint piece of Olde Tyme Dance Musick.

My parents’ generation probably felt the same way about Showaddywaddy.


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