BOO HOO HOO IT’S THE END OF AN ERA. A Local post, for Local people. (NMC)

The last remaining outpost of true Bohemia in Nottingham, George’s Bar on Broad Street, closes its doors for good this weekend, with a farewell bash scheduled for Saturday night.

Whatever shall become of us all without it? For where else will we be able to glide seamlessly between considered discussions of World Cinema with published authors, spare-me-no-details accounts of skanky blow-jobs with the too-cool-for-the-scene-queens, and choreographed whirls around the tables with the impeccably togged-up trannies, all to the strains of the Chicago soundtrack and Ethel Merman’s Disco Album?

We stand on the edge of a precipice, staring into the void.

But then, that’s next week.

Saturday night it is, then. George’s bar, Broad Street, from about 9pm. Miss Mish will be there, MovieBuff will be there, K will be there, I will be there – and so, if you’re anywhere near local, should you be. Even if it’s your first visit. We’ll be down the far end – either sitting at the bar, or else arranged around the Algonquin-style Round Table, with Mish dispensing Dorothy Parker-esque bon mots as we sip and chuff ourselves into (oh go on, say it) divinely decadent oblivion.

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