Singles of the year: #26

26. Making Music – Chungking

1999: New York City Boy – Pet Shop Boys
1994: Confide In Me – Kylie Minogue
1989: The Real Life – Corporation Of One

So come on, Mike: tell me honestly. Ninety posts on ninety singles is one hell of a tall order. Haven’t there been times when you wish you hadn’t embarked on such an ambitious project?

Actually, I think this might just be the first of them. But plough on we must. (Endurance blogging: it’s a fine and noble tradition.)

I first became aware of this track – and of Chungking – on the 2003 compilation from Radio One’s Blue Room, where it stood out from the crowd straight away. It was therefore good to see both the single and its parent album re-released in 2004, with somewhat better (*) promotion and distribution – although this still proved insufficient to bring Chungking the mainstream commercial success which should by rights be theirs.

(*) Although when searching out a copy of the album (re-released less than three months ago) for a friend’s birthday present last week, I was dismayed to find that it had already vanished from the racks in Selectadisc and Fopp, with only a couple of full-priced copies left in Virgin’s “dance” section. Which is daft, as they’re not a “dance” act by any stretch of the imagination.

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