Singles of the year: #27

27. Mary – The Scissor Sisters

1999: Superfreaky Memories – Luna
1994: Let The Music Lift You Up – Loveland featuring Rachel McFarlane
1989: Looking For A Love – Joyce Sims

Following a song bearing my name at #87, here’s a song which bears my sister’s name. (Incidentally, if you know of a song which features K’s name other than The Undertones’ My Perfect Cousin, then please let me know.)

I know you’re not a travelling girl, croons Jake Shears: monumentally inappropriately, given that in the last few years, my sister has lived and worked in Sudan, Iran, Jordan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone… and those are just the places I can remember. On the other hand, if the lyric had been I know you are a travelling girl, then this might have placed inside the Top Twenty. Pop music, she works like that.

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