Singles of the year: #40 (NMC)

40. Freakin’ Out – Graham Coxon

1999: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? – Moby
1994: The Queen Of Old Compton Street – Fruit
1989: Every Little Step – Bobby Brown

(…and 1979: Into The Valley by The Skids, by the sounds of it – just listen to that opening guitar riff.)

Snotty brat punk rock from the sulky speccy git who used to be in Blur. You might say that he’s getting a bit long in the tooth for such juvenile bursts of misanthropic phlegm. I say: you’re never too old to throw your toys out of the pram.

(As you might have gathered from some of yesterday’s posts, he added with a watery grin.)

And talking of freakin’ out: K took a phone call yesterday evening from J, an old friend who had just returned from a beach holiday in with his partner M. A beach holiday in Malaysia.

Sleeping off the jet lag on the second morning, J and M were woken by a rumble in their room on the sea front. “What’s that?” “Probably an earthquake. Go back to sleep.”

A little while later, unable to sleep any longer, M gets up and decides to go for a morning dip in the sea.

Wow, that looks like a big wave. Cool! I’ll be able to body-surf it.

That was fun. Oh look, here comes another.

The second wave is maybe twelve feet high, sucking M in and pulling him down. But M is a strong swimmer with an athletic build, and he eventually manages to save himself. Meanwhile, his stuff has all been washed away, leaving him to walk back up to the room in nothing but his swimming shorts, covered in sand and scratches.

As the resort is towards the edge of the tsunami area, damage is slight: several injuries, a few broken bones, but no casualties. The beach is restored within a day or so, and the holiday continues.

If M hadn’t been such a strong swimmer – or even, like me, a non-swimmer – the outcome might have been quite different.

The first big “it could have been me” moment.

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