NMC: non-musical content.

An exhausted Blue Witch commented:

*sobs dramatically*

Look, look, look…

I can’t keep up, and when I do try to read, I don’t understand a word.

Any chance you could post non-2004 music posts (or paras in posts) in a different colour font, for the benefit of Witches who are rather keener on punk (of the first time round) and Springsteen than they are on the whatever the genre may be known as for the next 10 minutes that they have these days? 😉

(I may or may not be joking :))

Anything to oblige. For the benefit of BW, and any other ladies of a certain age whose musical tastes fossilised in the late 1970s, I have now marked – and will continue to mark – all post titles in the “Singles Of The Year” series containing significant portions of non-musical content with the handy acronym (NMC). For I am nothing if not eager to retain the largest readership possible please.

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