Singles of the year: #46

46. My Galileo – Alexandra & Konstantin

(Or, as the artists themselves pronounce it, Magga Lee Lay Low.)

I’m not a stay-at-home, and heady, is the quest and venture mode.
Road is there for me to tread it; all-dimensional road.

Last May, I had this to say about the debut Eurovision entry from plucky little Belarus:

Utterly, utterly demented – and yet, quite, quite brilliant – this comes on like a kind of Eurodisco barndance, with folksy “ethnic” touches, a flute player who appears to be listening to a completely different song altogether, and – best of all! – yodelling. Oh joy! With quite the most eccentric vocal performance of this, or indeed of any other Eurovision, this could either sweep the board or flop completely. One of my personal favourites.

Sadly, it flopped – being eliminated at the semi-final stage – but its unique semi-strangulated cadences still live on in my heart.

Now then. Still licking his wounds from being eliminated from my exciting “what’s going to be #1” contest, Chig was moved to comment as follows:

What I’d like to know is, is there a sealed copy of this list in a bank vault somewhere? Not that I’m bitter or anything, you understand, but what if – perish the thought – you haven’t actually decided what order the other tracks are going to be in yet? What if you were to be swayed by the promise of, say, sexual favours or a Busted album, or summat? To that end, I’m diverting a team of international observers from Kyiv to Nottingham.

A fair point… and to allay any suspicions of foul practice, I have enlisted my beloved K – a veritable paragon of probity – to pose for a picture, actually holding a copy of my favourite single of 2004.


When the result is revealed, so will the mystery question mark on the above photo. Now you can hardly fake something like that, can you? Case settled!

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