Singles of the year: #51

51. Thank You – Jamelia

Let’s remind ourselves of what the Troubled Diva Pop Panel said about this last March, shall we?

  • Its message is one of proud defiance: what doesn’t destroy me makes me stronger. “For every last bruise you gave me, for every time I sat in tears, for the million ways you hurt me, I just wanna tell you this: you broke my world, made me strong, thank you. Personally, I think it’sgreat that a song with subject matter like this should currently be getting heavy radio airplay. More power to ya, Joh-meeel-yoh! (mike)
  • This is wonderful– a song that moves and has worthwhile lyrics. What a concept. She’s a complete unknown over here. Shame. (asta)
  • having only heard lumpen totp performances of her recent stuff, i’d come to the conclusion that she’d ditched the fabulous sonic inventiveness of her first album. i see now i was well wrong. this is micro r&b. makes me wonder why anybody bothers to be excited about the libertines. (noodle)
  • I sort of like the way all the different noises are woven together but it leaves me cold up until the point where she starts her ranty thing – she doesn’t actually sound like somebody who’s really been hurt and I’m thinking ‘for every nail you chipped, every time you scuffed my expensive shoes, every unkind thing you said about my records…’ (Demian)
  • like those weird noises in the background and the bright production. I’d be less convinced by the lyrics too if I hadn’t seen her sing it on TOTP with her little knowing smile. (elisabeth)
  • As many others have commented – the lyrics are great. Although I do appear to be missing the verse about kneeing him in the groin and leaving him in a crumpled heap on the kitchen floor while she pours flour over him, spits in his eye, and then steals his shiny new sports car and drives it into a canal in a fit of righteous anger. Go girl. (Vaughan)
  • At the moment, I really like this, but I suspect more for its defiant, don’t-mess-with-me-anymore subject matter than for any musical worth. As bland and forgettable as most other getting-ready-for-Saturday-night songs. Now, how did it go again? (Nigel)

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