In Which I Sulk

(Posted by Miss Mish)

Well it really is so unfair. The rest of the TD guests are either on the town, out for dinner, doing something  ‘simply marvellous’ or are primping in the bathroom getting ready for a Saturday night out. And what am I doing? Well I’m sprawled over the bed  Doing My Homework.

It’s so unfair.  All my friends  are going out. They didn’t get given homework  over the weekend. Sir Andrew Turnbull always picks on me and I didn’t do anything. Honest. And George is having a party after  Nottingham Pride In The Park and I’ll be the only one who isn’t there. Please? Can I go, can I? Go on,  PLEEEAAASSSE let me go. I’ll be back by 10.30 ‘cos Nigel’s Dad is in town and I can get a lift with him and……Why not?
OH I WISH I’D NEVER BEEN BORN!!!! (Slams door to bedroom)

I tried doing my homework in my teen-age persona but doing it while simultaneously playing Rattus Norvegicus  or Led Zep 4 on full volume with the TV blaring out  just doesn’t seem to work anymore. And it’s not quite the same having Radio 4 up to no. 11.

(Sigh) It’s no good. I’ll  have to do it the proper, sensible, adult way.
Now where’s the corkscrew?

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