In Which I Expound A Little

(Posted by Miss Mish)

You know who we are, you know what our  beautiful (if borrowed) home looks like and  now I think it’s time that you got a physical description of  our lovely selves.

We are -in no particular order –
Named after a stunning resemblance to Richard Milhous Nixon (yes, that one. The  one we though was the worst Prez EVER, until the latest idiot came along).
He  has turned the stunning and palatial sweeping gravel drive here into a used car lot and is often to be found in the study, with the headphones on ‘listening to music’.  Comments that he is ‘wiring up Diva Towers for sound’ are allegedly taken out of context.

Our Footballing/Modern Music/Current Affairs Correspondent
Like a cross between John Peel, Jon Humphries and George Best so obviously dribbles a lot.  But polite and cleans up well. Hopefully.

All Byronic hair and great sighs, given to bad poetry and often to be found discussing Great Works Of Fiction and The Romantic Poets.  It does not sit well with the regulars in Yates Wine Lodge unfortunately.
Alone and Palely Loitering. Or do I mean ‘littering’?

Bon Viveur/ Man About Town/Bright Young Thing
Imagine  a hybrid of Cary Grant, Jimmy Durante and Jude Law
Has the Super Power to turn into an Octopus on the dance floor or in a taxi. You Have Been Warned!

Miss Mish:
Gin-raddled hag with a smokers cough. Wears hats. No-one has yet seen underneath it to see what she really, really looks like. Or how old she is.

After giving all our secrets away I think I will be banished to the sofa for the next few nights.  Oh well, it was nice while it lasted…..

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