The Guest Blogging Dream Team: Introduction

(Posted by Ben)

A few days in, and things seem to be shaping up rather well, don’t you think?

Which is just as well.

If I was in Mike’s position, preparing to hand over the keys of Diva Towers, I imagine I might have been haunted by the thought of that scene from seminal celluloid masterpiece ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ in which Ferris’s buddy Cameron leaves the keys of his dad’s prized possession, a gleaming red Ferrari convertible, in the hands of a wide-eyed car-park attendant. Cue car-park attendant and friend roaring out of the garage and recklessly racing off down the road at breakneck speed, screaming.

Which brought me to consider who, in an ideal world, I would be only too happy to entrust my own blog to – people who’d post regularly, who’d have plenty of interest to say, and who’d say it with passion and wit.

I’ve come up with a crack Guest Blogging Dream Team of six, to be unveiled member by member (oo-er) over the course of the next week-and-a-half, starting tomorrow.

But I wouldn’t feel I’d done my job on here if I hadn’t set a competition. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to suggest a seventh member and to justify your choice. It can be anyone, whether alive, dead, real, fictional, famous, infamous, current blogger or not – anyone you think is or would be a potentially brilliant blog writer.

No suggestions just yet, thanks – not until the team of six has been revealed. The best suggestion and justification as adjudged by moi will receive a real genuine prize, the nature of which will be revealed in due course.

So, thinking caps on…

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